Let's stand with India in the fight against Covid.⠀

We haven't been able to stop thinking about our family, our friends, our artisan partners and all the people facing the Covid crisis in India right now. As we pray for things to get better in India as quickly as possible, it's our donations that are really needed right now.⠀

Here are some organisations you can donate to and we also have a limited edition T-shirt available where all profits go to  www.giveindia.org

Give India

GiveIndia is raising funds to boost oxygen supply, donate food to families struggling with hunger in Covid’s second wave, giving cash support to families of Covid deceased, save critical patients from fighting corona at home and donating reusable pads to women who have access to none.

Mission Oxygen

Helping Hospital save lives by procuring and donating oxygen concentrators, supplementing hospital infrastructure with oxygenation plants and other life saving equiment.

Feeding From Far

Distributing ration kits and food to the disadvantaged.

Khalsa Aid

Helping vital medical programmes to support vulnerable communities and people across India.

Pint Network

PINT - Plasma In Need for Transfusion is a non-profit organisation and online platform helping COVID-19 patients in need of convalescent plasma find and match with donors, quicker and more efficiently.

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