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Do you sell wholesale?
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Please e-mail us at if you think Chandan Whittle might be a good fit for your store.

Will my pillow cover look exactly like the one I saw online?
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Because all our pieces are handmade using natural dyes and weaving processes, colors and patterns may vary slightly. Each piece is unique and carefully crafted from start to finish by our artisan group in India.

Where are your products made?
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All our pillows are made by our female-led artisan partners in Karur, India. 

Karur is nestled in the heart of South India and is home to a rich history of printing artisans, weavers and a handloom textile heritage. Many such master weavers and tailors hail from skillful weaving communities in the surrounding area. Founded in 2014, this group aims to provide sustainable employment for the local community of artisans in hopes of reviving a once thriving industry. The majority women workforce is responsible for managing a majority of the production, and quality. The entire production process from the farming to the weaving, transportation, dyeing and finishing is 100% GOTS certified utilizing azo-free dyes from Indokem.

You are out of stock of the pillow I had my heart set on
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So sorry! We're probably working on a new batch this very moment and will restock soon. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for updates on when we update our inventory.

Do you collaborate on projects?
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We are always happy to collaborate on new and interesting projects! For all inquiries, please email with details.

How can I find out when you have new products out?
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To be the first to know about new collections or products, sign up for our newsletter in the footer. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram .