Monsoon - Flavoured Tea Blend

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Detox during monsoon season with this classic Nilgiri black tea. Popularized for its fresh citrus notes, mild astringent flavor, and floral aroma, this blend is reminiscent of the dewy petrichor that follows the first rainfall of monsoon season.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Lemon Tulsi.

Health Benefits: Tulsi is considered “The Queen of Herbs” and is revered as a sacred Ayurvedic plant infused with adaptogenic properties. It offers antioxidant value and supports the body's healthy stress response.

Tasting Notes: Tulsi leaves mimic the scent of cloves and the sharp, crisp flavors of pepper. We carefully harvest the leaves ally a lemon plant which produces a natural, unique lemon zest flavor. Together, it is beautifully balanced with a medium bodied Nilgiri black tea. It pairs well with fruit based salads or light vegetarian or vegan meals

Each 100g gift box sold will feed a meal to a child less fortunate in India for an entire month.